#52PROJECTS: Project #10

Conceptualized: 2022
Completed: 2024

I am getting out of order here. The Chessboard Garden should have come first, but I need to gather all the photos.

The story of Alice in Wonderland most likely will always be part of my life. From initially thinking “Alice in” Wonderland was “Allison” Wonderland, this little blonde British girl thought the story was a perfect depiction of her. I had the colouring, hair, voice, and prissy-ness.

It was when we moved to Lincolnton and opened the White Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast that I had the outdoor palette to build my own wonderland. Now, complete with chessboard garden, we have the Queen’s red rose garden. White Rabbit’s house and the croquet lawn are on the drawing table for next year. Stay tuned!

Wonderfully yours,


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