#52PROJECTS: Project #2

Commencement Year: 2020
Completion Year: 2024

Someone special knew I loved rocking chairs, but thought this one unique to North Carolina. Is it an early recliner designed in a shop during the era when North Carolina was the ‘building capital of the South’? What a great thought! Probably not. Nonetheless, it is an interesting research project. We found out we have more than one piece that are likely from the same source.

Oak furniture was plentiful in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Apparently, the Larkin Soap Company incentivized buying a soap subscription to homemakers by offering a piece of furniture with the subscription– including rocker recliners. While I believe ours to be a Larkin chair, there is also an E-Bay listing that shows a “Victorian” chair with precisely the same woodworks. Fun piece of history!

Linked to ‘Victorian Rocker with Footrest’ on E-Bay

Project Background

This chair was given to me from my sister, so it is a family piece. The left arm had a piece broken off, but Sister had saved the piece which was mostly intact. Until this repair was completed, we did not risk sitting in the chair, so it held its place in a corner of our private sitting room. Now repaired to the best of my ability with the broken piece, clamps, glue, wood putty, stain, and a hefty screwdriver, the chair is tightened, sturdy, and back in use. By adding a lumbar pillow, it fits me so well, Sister is not getting it back. 🙂

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