Author: Allison Gahrmann

#52PROJECTS: Project #2

Commencement Year: 2020
Completion Year: 2024

Someone special knew I loved rocking chairs, but thought this one unique to North Carolina. Is it an early recliner designed in a shop during the era when North Carolina was the ‘building capital of the South’? What a great thought! Probably not. Nonetheless, it is an interesting research project. We found out we have more than one piece that are likely from the same source.

Oak furniture was plentiful in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Apparently, the Larkin Soap Company incentivized buying a soap subscription to homemakers by offering a piece of furniture with the subscription– including rocker recliners. While I believe ours to be a Larkin chair, there is also an E-Bay listing that shows a “Victorian” chair with precisely the same woodworks. Fun piece of history!

Linked to ‘Victorian Rocker with Footrest’ on E-Bay

Project Background

This chair was given to me from my sister, so it is a family piece. The left arm had a piece broken off, but Sister had saved the piece which was mostly intact. Until this repair was completed, we did not risk sitting in the chair, so it held its place in a corner of our private sitting room. Now repaired to the best of my ability with the broken piece, clamps, glue, wood putty, stain, and a hefty screwdriver, the chair is tightened, sturdy, and back in use. By adding a lumbar pillow, it fits me so well, Sister is not getting it back. 🙂

Wonderfully yours,


#52PROJECTS: Project #1

Commencement Year: 2019
Completion Year: 2024

You may agree that projects stack up. At least in this house they do. Living in an old house provides the never-ending opportunity for new projects. It is finishing the ‘other’ projects that seems the most daunting.

My 2024 goal is to complete one project a week. I did say, “Complete.” For me, this means the project originated in a past year. This is not a lofty goal. At least, I hope not. With one project per week, even small ones, it is my goal. Reordering can happen. Not even creating a list is helpful because I am sure I will find forgotten ones along the way.

Project Background

When my mum was alive, we embarked on a silver project that included making brown silvercloth bags for each platter or tureen we had. Mum purchased a bulk roll of the needed cloth and we got started. That project lasted about a week. Other B&B needs kicked it to the curb. Fast forward to 2020 when she passed away, I pulled out the silverware, polished it, then put it back in the drawer intending to line the drawers with the anti-tarnishing cloth.

Over the next year I found some spare silver tray liners at ReStore. I added the liners to the stash of cloth. Reminded about it every day when we use the silverware. Really?!

Project #1 for 2024 was the completion of lining the drawers and anchoring the salvaged dividers. Done! Now off to Project #2.

Wonderfully yours,


Coming Soon! RECIPE: Apple Oatmeal Cakes

Apple Oatmeal Cakes– Reimagining oatmeal without the mush; these individual cakes are more like sticky bread.

Tah-dah! Introducing our newest breakfast creation– Apple Oatmeal Cakes. These individual cakes can be baked and stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. This is a quick breakfast served warm out of the oven or reheated in the microwave when the dashing out the door is also on the menu.

A Vegan option is also available. Send me a note, if interested!

Of course, we try to incorporate a rose in our menus, hence the rose muffin cups. Pictured here, the tasty serving is topped with whipping cream and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Pure heaven!

Recipe link coming soon. I have to make it again to be sure I got all the ingredients and proportions written.

Wonderfully yours,


Cheshire Cake– Not Always Wanting Sweet

Quintessentially British, cheese wheel wedding/celebration cakes–usually with white roses involved– are the only cakes we make here at the White Rose Manor and only by special request (I am a baker, but not a talented piping decorator, so I do not claim it). Most often, we serve as the Bed & Breakfast lodging for guests or families and their small events up for up to 20 attendees. If you desire a small event like an intimate wedding, bridal shower, memorial service, etc., the White Rose Manor may be just right for you. If you need a cheese wheel cake, we can do that, too. Come to Lincolnton. You will love it!

Pictured here is one of our Cheshire Cakes. Produced here on a larger scale for approximately 120 people, this cheese wheel cake was featured at our 2023 Christmas High Tea as the table centerpiece and then portioned as gifts to our guests. While we can create several styles of scalable cheese wheel cakes for weddings, charcuteries, etc., many cheeses work well for this lovely, edible addition to your table.

Fun fact: “Cheshire is one of Britain’s oldest and finest cheeses.”

White Rose Manor is something special, just like you.

Guestbook Memories

Laboratory Mill Weddings

We had such a great time in Lincolnton! We loved exploring the area and learning the history of this little town. We had a blast celebrating the marriage of two of our favorite people at the Laboratory Mill. And we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the White Rose Manor.

Thank you for everything!

L & S

Guestbook Memories

Friendship & Heartfelt Memories

Though not often, we do have returning guests.

It is our hope that when new visitors arrive at the White Rose Manor as guests, they leave as friends. When we have returning guests, it often blossoms into long-term friendships. This is just one of the many friends we have because they happened upon us on a visit to Lincolnton. We are so grateful for all of our guests.

Our heartfelt thanks once again, dearest Allison and John,

Your wonderful Manor– so much to say . . . a place that provides such a welcoming, comfortable, eye-pleasing, palate-pleasing– place of respite, a place of joy.

With every stay there are new discoveries, new stories, new memories to keep.

Our love and appreciation,

K & R

Guestbook Memories

English-style: ‘Just Like This!’

My English mum would be proud to know it is so.

We tried to bring a bit of ‘home’ to Lincolnton. According to this guest, we nailed it!

Thank you Allison and John for the enjoyable time in your lovely English-style Manor. My husband did not accompany me to England so did not know how it was there . . . just like this! Am so glad we could experience this together and we will be back and he will want to keep in touch. We’ll spread the word that Lincolnton has a lot to offer.

R & J

Guestbook Memories

Waking Up with “Miss Peggy”

When you have beautiful roses like “Miss Peggy” (named for Peg Mauney who lived here), it is wonderful to find someone else who was in just the right place at just the right time for the show.

Waking up in my majestic bed in the Grandstaff Room, the daylight seeping through the blindings, beautiful roses catching my eye and the smell of good coffee seeping through from the kitchen below– I’m gonna miss all this so very much!

Thank you for making our stay so wonderful, Allison. I hope to come back again someday.