Berry Peachy Morning Shadows

The morning is warm. Even as early at 6 a.m., it is warm. We welcome the soothing morning shadows. Fresh peaches and blackberries are bathed in the shadow of a Queen Anne chair. Life is good.

Breakfast awaits our Bed & Breakfast guests with the promise of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict to follow. Life is good. Come . . . let us show you how good it can be.

PONDERING: Finding Purpose

PONDERING: Finding Purpose

My word for the year is PURPOSE. I have had an impactful year in 2020. The unexpected losses of my nephew and my mother are two very impressionable events. For this year, I have chosen to ponder a specific word for the year—PURPOSE. I have placed the word on my calendar in a recurring event with a daily reminder in anticipation of targeting one, or more, purposeful activity each day. I shall strive to recapture it in my personal journal.

Right now, I know that much still overwhelms me. Sorting through photographs of the past eighty years is just one thing. Ancestry.com—here I come. At the very least, I can share these pictures where they may help others better identify with a newfound relative.

Now, it is off to the race with a cup of tea. Back to sharing our lovely bed and breakfast with “the world”.

Wonderfully yours,


So, I own a B&B . . .

So, I own a B&B . . .

. . . and there are so many questions people ask about B&B Life. Here is my chance to share. Where to start? That is a good question. I will start with the back of Grandmother’s cookbook. Without further ado, indulge in your best British accent and read on.

Era Gone By

I am one of the lucky ones. At least, I think I am. I have my mother’s cookbook, and in that cookbook is a section that might have been what my grandmother wrote in the back of her cookbook–all the hints and recipes gathered through years of experience, IF, she thought to capture it in writing.

Here are things I hope to share with you in some sort of organized fashion. To help me gather my thoughts and to give you quick access to things that may interest you, I will do my best to put a HEADING at the beginning of each blog post, so you can quickly find them.

I will crosspost the link to our B&B page on Facebook (http://facebook.com/WhiteRoseManor). I do hope you enjoy perusing this page and find some tidbit of usable content. Also, I hope you will share it with others! Feel free to share your own tips/tricks and comments with me. I love hearing new things.

2023 Updated

  • TIPS &TRICKS – helpful hints (like Hints from Heloise of which you probably have never heard)
  • STORYBOOK – anecdotes about our visitors (the names will be changed for privacy protection)
  • RECIPIES – we have quite a following for our recipes. They are free and downloadable
  • TEA – we have our own custom-blend, loose teas
  • SUNDRIES – until I determine other categories, I will toss some things in this bin