RECIPE: Tuna Steak with Seasoned Butter

RECIPE: Tuna Steak with Seasoned Butter

Jump to Recipe icon   Great history includes great food. That is my thought. No doubt, my opinion is biased due to years working alongside wonderful chefs (educated and self-declared) as well as home cooks.

Tuna steaks were introduced to my palate in the 1980s at a picturesque marina along the Intercoastal Waterway of the Gulf Coast. It was there I found a different passion for enjoying fish. Frankly, it more like enjoying steak with fresh fish benefits. A good, thick, well-prepared tuna steak has a similar texture to its steak counterpart. I can eat tuna steaks as easily, and enjoyably, as a well-prepared ribeye.

Here is a recipe challenge for you. Next time you plan to have steak for dinner, make this tuna steak recipe instead. Just like my steaks, I serve the tuna medium-rare. Cook it a bit more if you like. Take care to stop just before well-done (if that is your preference) and let the residual heat take it the rest of the way. Both tuna steaks and beef steaks pair well with the seasoned butter. Serve aside hot rice.

Medium bowl for mixing
1 Cup Liquid measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Garlic press (optional)
Transfer blade (optional)


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INGREDIENTS (4 servings)
Tuna Steaks 1-4 ct. 1-inch thick Yellow-fin or Ahi Tuna Steaks
Seasoned Butter
0.5 (1/2) C. melted Clarified Butter/Ghee
2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
0.25 (1/4) tsp. Granulated Garlic
0.25 (1/4) tsp. Seasoned Salt Cracked Pepper to taste

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Prep Tip

Prepare rice (if desired) and seasoned butter prior to grilling steaks.

In pan or microwave-safe bowl, melt clarified butter/ghee. To melted butter, add Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic, and Seasoned Salt. Mix well. Portion into individual servings (ramekins) for dipping.

Preheat grill (can be broiled if preferred). Place steaks on grill. Lightly season top of steaks with Salt and Pepper. Cook to desired doneness.

Serve steaks over rice with butter for dipping.

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