#52PROJECTS: Project #4

Commencement Year: 2013
Last Hat Day with Mum: 2020
Completion Year: 2024

Bittersweet it is when you say, “Farewell.” Mum passed in 2020, but we revived one of her favourite pastimes for a last hurrah.

After some thought and planning, we launched one last hat project this year. On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, several seniors and other volunteers gathered at the Lincoln County Senior Center in Lincolnton to recreate hats. The completed hats were donated to Amy’s Closet, a retail store that sells to benefit Amy’s House, a battered women and families’ shelter.

While I do not have photos of the 30+ hats completed, you may visit Amy’s Closet in person and purchase them.

Project Background

I grew up wearing hats and my mother loved wearing hats. Shortly after Mum moved to North Carolina in 2013, she was dubbed ‘Lady Anne’ by those who came to know her. She almost always wore a hat. By this time in her life, her hair was thinning. Moving to a climate that afforded wearing hats year-round was a blessing for her.

After the first year, we found that many ladies coming to tea did not have hats. Mum and I both extended our collections to be able to offer the ladies a chance to wear ours. Over time, ladies began bringing hats and asking how they could refurbish them. That is really how the hat project began. Ladies also brought hats that they no longer needed or wanted so Mum to look at them and recreate something new. The recreated hats went up for ‘adoption’ with 100% of the proceeds going to charities like Wounded Warriors and Disable Veterans. There were days we would come home and a bag with a hat would be handing on the door handle. To this day, we do not know who donated a good number of them.

Mother’s and my last hat project together was in 2020. It was also our last teatime together. I hope she was smiling down on us to see the fun and creations from last Wednesday’s workshop at the Senior Center. She would have liked knowing the hats went to Amy’s Closet this time.

Unloaded and DONE! It was a success!

Wonderfully yours,