TIPS/TRICKS: Tying a Classic Bow

TIPS/TRICKS: Tying a Classic Bow

We love the holiday season! Getting everything ready is an important part; however, sharing is the BEST PART!

December 1st is Decoration Day at the White Rose Manor. We keep Thanksgiving completely separate. This year (2019), Thanksgiving weekend and December 1st fall on the same weekend. It is a busy time here.

Without further ado, I am sharing how to tie a classic bow. The following three, short videos should help guide you to tying your own. I am happy to help answer questions.

Tying a Classic Bow – Part 1 (YouTube video)

Tying a Classic Bow – Part 2 (YouTube video)

Tying a Classic Bow – Part 3 (YouTube video)

Post photos of your classic bows! We want to see!

Wonderfully yours,