#52PROJECTS: Project #3

Commencement Year: 2006
Completion Year: 2024

If you read that commencement year as 2006, it is correct. I purchased two yards of this beautiful black and gold brocade that long ago with the intent of making this piece. Well, the sewing project was pushed aside more years that I planned. Last week, it was finished and on-time for my Project #3. It just took me a few extra days to make this post.

The fabric intended for a 14th Century cotehardie– period garb for my husband to wear in the SCA*– this cote/coat is now finished complete with hat. He wore it to Twelfth Night this year.

Twelfth Night, also known as the Epiphany, is traditionally celebrated twelve nights after Christmas. Some count down the 25 days until Christmas; others count the twelve days of Christmas to the Epiphany. In the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), we recreate the better parts of the Middle Ages. This is a costume for that celebration which typically occurs on a Saturday each January.

*Link to the SCA – For those who question the contrasting red belt, it signifies he is a squire. I did not have the choice to make a matching belt. 😉

Wonderfully yours,