PONDERING: Finding Purpose

PONDERING: Finding Purpose

My word for the year is PURPOSE. I have had an impactful year in 2020. The unexpected losses of my nephew and my mother are two very impressionable events. For this year, I have chosen to ponder a specific word for the year—PURPOSE. I have placed the word on my calendar in a recurring event with a daily reminder in anticipation of targeting one, or more, purposeful activity each day. I shall strive to recapture it in my personal journal.

Right now, I know that much still overwhelms me. Sorting through photographs of the past eighty years is just one thing. Ancestry.com—here I come. At the very least, I can share these pictures where they may help others better identify with a newfound relative.

Now, it is off to the race with a cup of tea. Back to sharing our lovely bed and breakfast with “the world”.

Wonderfully yours,