#52PROJECTS: Project #7

Created in Year: 2008
Adjustments in Year: 2024

When you need a medieval chair that fits you and is portable.

For those who know us outside the White Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast, you know we have been involved in medieval reenactments for many years. *Cue chair photo.

This is my traveling chair that needed some adjustments and tightening after years of use.

It looks a bit like a throne, but it is not. It is a portable chair built to my size and specifications. The cutouts at the top are elements of my heraldry. Read more about the 14th Century inspiration and history below.

Project Background

For those who know us outside the Bed & Breakfast, you know we have been involved in medieval reenactments. We dabble in many craft hobbies surrounding somewhat forgotten skills like blacksmithing, millinery work, spinning, weaving, furniture building . . .

After an automobile accident in 2007, my husband built this chair for me when I truly needed a chair that fit me and a place I could rest my head to relieve my injured neck. Another need was that the chair be portable to the point of packing flat for traveling to reenactment events. This chair is modeled after a 14th Century Ecclesiastical chair (picture above) It can be disassembled into 5 flat pieces to pack into a passenger vehicle.

Many early chairs were built for for specific people– tall, short, long legs, and so forth. This one was built for me. The seat is too low for my 6-foot tall husband, but it fits this Mama Bear just right. Thanks, Papa Bear.

Wonderfully yours,