#52PROJECTS: Project #1

Commencement Year: 2019
Completion Year: 2024

You may agree that projects stack up. At least in this house they do. Living in an old house provides the never-ending opportunity for new projects. It is finishing the ‘other’ projects that seems the most daunting.

My 2024 goal is to complete one project a week. I did say, “Complete.” For me, this means the project originated in a past year. This is not a lofty goal. At least, I hope not. With one project per week, even small ones, it is my goal. Reordering can happen. Not even creating a list is helpful because I am sure I will find forgotten ones along the way.

Project Background

When my mum was alive, we embarked on a silver project that included making brown silvercloth bags for each platter or tureen we had. Mum purchased a bulk roll of the needed cloth and we got started. That project lasted about a week. Other B&B needs kicked it to the curb. Fast forward to 2020 when she passed away, I pulled out the silverware, polished it, then put it back in the drawer intending to line the drawers with the anti-tarnishing cloth.

Over the next year I found some spare silver tray liners at ReStore. I added the liners to the stash of cloth. Reminded about it every day when we use the silverware. Really?!

Project #1 for 2024 was the completion of lining the drawers and anchoring the salvaged dividers. Done! Now off to Project #2.

Wonderfully yours,