Mother’s Day in Great Britain

It’s a tea party! It’s in March this year!

In 2024, Great Britain celebrates Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 10, 2024. We all know mothers should be celebrated all the time. Let us start this March.

Treat your favourite Mum to a lovely tea party. Hats are encouraged, but not required.

Use the button below to make your reservation today! (Note: Reservations close on March 4th)

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#52PROJECTS: Project #6

Evolution Started in Year: 2015
Completion Year: 2024

It’s the little things . . . like thermal curtains in winter.

Finished a day late and late in posting, Project #6 was a quick resolution to the cold.

A few years after we draped the dining room exterior door with thermal curtains, we decided to also re-drape the window that shared the same wall. The existing curtains were not lined. Fast forward to 2024.

After a simple start, supposedly, my part-time handyman, full-time son determined more height, span, and hands were needed. Enter the fabulous Spiderman Handyman to take to the walls.

End result? Matching thermal curtains have been completed. Thanks, Spidey!

Wonderfully yours,


Cheshire Cake– Not Always Wanting Sweet

Quintessentially British, cheese wheel wedding/celebration cakes–usually with white roses involved– are the only cakes we make here at the White Rose Manor and only by special request (I am a baker, but not a talented piping decorator, so I do not claim it). Most often, we serve as the Bed & Breakfast lodging for guests or families and their small events up for up to 20 attendees. If you desire a small event like an intimate wedding, bridal shower, memorial service, etc., the White Rose Manor may be just right for you. If you need a cheese wheel cake, we can do that, too. Come to Lincolnton. You will love it!

Pictured here is one of our Cheshire Cakes. Produced here on a larger scale for approximately 120 people, this cheese wheel cake was featured at our 2023 Christmas High Tea as the table centerpiece and then portioned as gifts to our guests. While we can create several styles of scalable cheese wheel cakes for weddings, charcuteries, etc., many cheeses work well for this lovely, edible addition to your table.

Fun fact: “Cheshire is one of Britain’s oldest and finest cheeses.”

White Rose Manor is something special, just like you.

Guestbook Memories

Laboratory Mill Weddings

We had such a great time in Lincolnton! We loved exploring the area and learning the history of this little town. We had a blast celebrating the marriage of two of our favorite people at the Laboratory Mill. And we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the White Rose Manor.

Thank you for everything!

L & S

Guestbook Memories

English-style: ‘Just Like This!’

My English mum would be proud to know it is so.

We tried to bring a bit of ‘home’ to Lincolnton. According to this guest, we nailed it!

Thank you Allison and John for the enjoyable time in your lovely English-style Manor. My husband did not accompany me to England so did not know how it was there . . . just like this! Am so glad we could experience this together and we will be back and he will want to keep in touch. We’ll spread the word that Lincolnton has a lot to offer.

R & J

Guestbook Memories

Waking Up with “Miss Peggy”

When you have beautiful roses like “Miss Peggy” (named for Peg Mauney who lived here), it is wonderful to find someone else who was in just the right place at just the right time for the show.

Waking up in my majestic bed in the Grandstaff Room, the daylight seeping through the blindings, beautiful roses catching my eye and the smell of good coffee seeping through from the kitchen below– I’m gonna miss all this so very much!

Thank you for making our stay so wonderful, Allison. I hope to come back again someday.


Guestbook Memories

Home Away from Home

There are many times that our guests have the chance to stay for more than a day or two. We cherish these times as we see them begin to unwind and find some true relaxation. We had the privilege of having a group of three siblings stay for a week while visiting family in Lincolnton. They were delightful guests, and we were delighted they found time to unwind and spend some brother/sister time in the house and gardens. Here are some sentiments they shared in our guestroom memory books about their stay:

Dear John and Allison ~

Thank you so much for your hospitality. You have treated us like family since Day One and we loved every minute of it and our stay.

You are the sweetest and most helpful hosts one can ever imagine.

You made us a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our cousin’s burial site, you had our entire family over for dinner one night, and you treated us like kings and queens.

We consider this our home away from home. The rooms are gorgeous and the beds are so comfortable. We had our first evening next to the fireplace, drinking Allison’s delicious homemade tea, and every morning we enjoyed her lovely homecooked breakfast.

We are over the moon and under the sun about this place.

R S & M

Berry Peachy Morning Shadows

The morning is warm. Even as early at 6 a.m., it is warm. We welcome the soothing morning shadows. Fresh peaches and blackberries are bathed in the shadow of a Queen Anne chair. Life is good.

Breakfast awaits our Bed & Breakfast guests with the promise of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict to follow. Life is good. Come . . . let us show you how good it can be.

ENTERTAINING: Christmas High Tea

ENTERTAINING: Christmas High Tea

The holidays are a highlight of the year. Spending time with loved ones—both family and friends—is the epitome of mine. Christmas High Tea is a favourite where we don our holiday attire and gather to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the Christmas season. This year, though smaller, was no exception.

I suspect it is all about the food, especially the lamb, our children enjoy when they return home for this annual tradition; we have five children. For me, it is the togetherness/silliness that ensues that I love most. Each child and significant other arrive as their schedules permit. We dance and sing spending the few leading days before the event polishing silver, making all the dishes, and finalizing the décor. Tea day arrives and is abuzz with laying the trays, cutting the greenery, and retiring to our rooms to dress for the evening event which begins promptly at five o’clock. Then, guests begin arriving and have the chance to enjoy a social hour before tea is served at 6:30.

During the social hour, guests circulate amongst each other and I watch with wonder and pride as our grown children interact with poise and grace. Everyone is engaged. New friends meet the children for the first time and get seated at one of their tables. It is important to my husband John and me that each child have their own lives and circle of friends but get the opportunity to meet ours and host a table at Christmastime.

This year, our high tea was a more intimate group. It was a sign of the times. Though the group was smaller, the quantity of food did not waiver! The menu included many favourites and a few new additions—for instance, I like to create a new trifle flavour each year. As the attendees make their way to the tea buffet, they see the various Christmas decorations. The traditional tree is complete with childhood, handmade ornaments, plus many passed down through the years; it holds a commanding position in the Great Room where tea tables of four or six seats are draped and set. The dining room holds the buffet and has a 6-foot tree adorned with demitasse teacups, a dainty reminder of an era passed. This year, a teddy bear tree was added in honour of my mother Lady Anne. It glows with multi-coloured lights in the sitting room corner. Mother always preferred the coloured lights compared to my white ones.

This year is different. Quiet. It is just as special—in its own way.

John and I wish all of you the absolute best of the season and a very bright future. Treasure what you have. Share the love.

Wonderfully yours,


ENTERTAINING: Charcuterie Board for the Win!

ENTERTAINING: Charcuterie Board for the Win!

Sometimes it is difficult meeting many dietary needs in one seating, in addition to offering a wide selection of foods. One of our solutions is to offer a charcuterie board where guests can assemble their own plates to suit their fancies.

char·cu·te·rie Noun.
Pronunciation – SHärˈko͞odərē
Cold cooked meats, collectively.

–the Oxford Dictionary

At the White Rose Manor, we have found a charcuterie selection, complete with aged cheeses, crackers, fresh fruits, olives, nuts, and more, a beautiful complement to an afternoon gathering. We have one of our guests to thank for the full table charcuterie concept. It was well received.

Dietary preferences and/or restrictions are becoming more common. While in the 1970s Burger King touted, “Have it your way!” and gave consumers an opportunity to customize their hamburgers, it was a new concept. Since then, special requests have become the norm. Often we hear requests for “no onions” or statements like “I do not like . . . ” There is also the serious concern of true allergies where an ingredient can make a person seriously ill or worse. An individual’s allergy to gluten, soy, and/or nuts easily fall into this course. There are many more allergens as well.

Since 2018, some of our own family members have entered into the food allergen arena. We have: one who has a gluten sensitivity; one who has celiac disease (gluten allergy); one who needs to be lactose-free; and one who is allergic to soy AND black pepper (well, all peppers, but black seems to pack the hardest punch). If you are, like I am, living with no food allergies/sensitivities, we are fortunate. Others, not so. My experience with cooking from scratch has helped me easily adapt my recipes to meet these special needs.

My love for hospitality and lifelong investment in being a part of the industry has helped me understand the “wants” and “needs” of our guests. At the White Rose Manor, we do our best to meet both. Appetizers and small plates are available for our guests to add to their overnight reservations. A charcuterie plate is one of the selections. Mind you, the small plate size is not quite as grand as the full charcuterie board pictured, but we hope you get the idea.

Wonderfully yours,