TEA: Lincolnton’s Annual Apple Festival

Tea Caddy Display

TEA: Lincolnton’s Annual Apple Festival

The British are not the only ones who covet their teas. If one has even a smidgen of a another heritage in his blood, he is apt to cling tightly to the origin, even if it is only for bragging rights. Time and again, we hear that American people are a “melting pot”. Well, if that is true, I am happy to melt into a chair and enjoy a hot cup of tea (and I am half British, so I can claim that).

At the White Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast, we have our own custom tea blends comprised of loose leaf teas from around the world. My oldest daughter introduced me to, and enticed me to have, custom blends for the Manor. We have been hooked ever since and continue to have more blended to enjoy and share. The Lincolnton Apple Festival is a great place to get a taste– at Crafted!

UPDATED DEC 2020: BUY ONLINE — We have begun selling the White Rose Manor teas at a local storefront in Lincolnton, Crafted Mercantile– a part of Crafted Southern Speakeasy. Since the Manor is loosely dated (some furniture is not quite that old, some is older) in the 1920’s, it seems fitting to have our teas represented in the same “era”, if you will– a general store or mercantile setting. Crafted is a great fit for us!

Fast forwarding from the 20’s, today is a blur with preparations for Lincolnton’s annual Apple Festival which moved from September to October as of last year. It takes place on the streets of Lincolnton this Saturday, October 19th. The calendar change perfectly fits with the cooler temperatures, fall colours, and larger apple selection. Here at the Manor, we have our own apple-orange tea–served hot or cold–to share at the festival this year. Imagine all things apple on display and to eat with a cup of “Just in Time for Tea” in your hand. Hmm, reminds me that we need to think about a hot tea booth on the Square during the holidays much like the Glühwein taverns in the German Christmas markets; we have our own Christmas blend, too. I think I could mull the “Just in Time . . .

Ha! See how easily the mind can wander?  Back to the point of this post, the White Rose Manor teas will be represented at the Apple Festival through Crafted at a booth outside the store located on E Main to the right of the Cultural Center. Please stop for a visit and peruse the different flavours; you may get a taste of “Just in Time for Tea”, while supplies last, prepared as a tasting just for this occasion. Depending on the outside temperatures, the fine folks at Crafted may serve it warm or cold. These fine, loos leaf teas are sold as Tea for 2 Sampler Packets that resemble seed packets, as well as being available as pre-ordered bulk (1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb), so please ask about ordering your favourite flavours. You can call /text 704.562.0220 or email tea@whiterosemanor.com your order. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address so we can invoice you. We are happy to ship your new selections to you, or you can come for a visit and claim your package here at the Manor.

While I will be entertaining away from the festival this weekend, the spirit of the day will be in my thoughts. IF you have not had the opportunity to share a cup of tea with me at the White Rose Manor B&B, please give me a call some time at 704.735.6161. We can schedule a date to meet, visit, and have a cup of tea.

Wonderfully yours,


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