TIPS/TRICKS: Staying Connected

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TIPS/TRICKS: Staying Connected

The White Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast is decorated in ways to harken toward a simpler time. This means soft lines, turn-of-the-Century antiques, afternoon tea, and no electronics. But wait! We are in the 21st Century and may be very attached to connectivity. At the Manor, we cover that, too.

The parlour at the Manor has soft music, but also a turntable with albums our guests can play. Frank Sinatra seems to be a popular choice as well as the instrumental jazz albums. We are also “connected” with guest WIFI for phones and other devices; some guests just cannot ignore them; therefore, being easily engaged also means having power to keep everything charged.

In effort to keep guests relaxed and not crawling around on the floor looking for outlets, we have anchored extension cords to the bedposts– one per side. Using a split, flat plug extension cord keeps it simple. Guests have their phones/alarms/calendars at bedside reach. Then again, if they get too relaxed, it may be better for them to put the phones across the room. 

When discovering the easy-reach extension cords, one guest exclaimed, “Brilliant! I am going to do this at home.” Now it seems appropriate to share the tip/trick with you to do the same.

Hint: Take care to buy the grounded extension cords if you need the extra prong.

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