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Growing up, facial tissues were a luxury in our home. It was usually grabbing a tissue from the bathroom roll (typically, Scott Tissue). How I loved decorating my first apartment! Having the coveted “hope chest” open at my feet and ready to unpack, I rediscovered gifts lovingly placed in the chest for when I flew the nest. There was a spice rack with bottles to fill*, matching towels and toilet seat covers, new sheets, blankets and coverlets, candles . . . and a tissue box holder needing to be filled. For my first home, I was buying the real thing–Puffs Plus with Lotion!

To this day, I love pretty, decorative things, including tissue box holders with soft, easy-on-the-nose, tissues; however, there are the busy household and never-ending refills to consider. So–consider this! Choose an elegant, whimsical, or plain tissue box cover and place a “soft” roll of toilet issue inside. The dispensing trick is to remove the cardboard core and feed the tissue stream from the center. Voila!

*By the way, spices are expensive, especially compounded with needing all of them from starting with nothing. Spice collections make a great housewarming or shower gift.

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